Dear Tony Harris,

You, and dudebros like you, are the reason that women everywhere feel too intimidated to get into comics. Because if we enjoy them and express ourselves in a way that you don’t personally approve of, you try to nerd-cred shame us out of your little boys club. And in the same breath you go, ‘Why aren’t there any girls here?!’ You design and glorify skimpy costumes and then tell us we’re attention seeking for making exact replicas of them… No matter what we do or achieve, we, as women, will always be accused of faking it for attention. ‘Cause, you know, everything we do is for male attention, right? … One last reality check: Even if you own every single Avengers comic that has ever been made… ever… you still don’t own the Avengers. You aren’t it’s guardian. You don’t get to decide who is a fan of it, or what they have to do or know in order to be considered a fan. So your whining that girls are only interested in The Avengers now that the movie has come out is pathetic, and sad and, most importantly, so arrogant that Tony Stark himself would be embarrassed of you.

“Fake Geek Girls”, by Alb [x]

Take that!

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